2021-05-22 Does It Smell like Pollocks in Here?
2021-05-15 How Can One Tell What Is Beautiful?
2021-05-08 Interview with Christine M. Korsgaard: Animal Ethics, Kantianism, Utilitarianism
2021-05-01 Reliability in the Lincoln-Petersen Method of Estimating Population Size
2021-04-27 Bayesian Modelling of Simulated Data from the Kingdom of Tamego
2021-04-24 The Kingdom of Tamego
2021-04-21 Problems with "Eating Animals"
2021-04-17 Networks of Meaning
2021-04-10 Rediscovery, the Mind's Curare
2021-04-03 Moral Golems
2021-03-31 Code Purity & Principles
2021-03-27 The Sadness of Tom Cruise
2021-03-20 Building a Lightweight, Command-Line Newsletter Program
2021-03-16 The AstraZeneca Vaccine Will Save Lives
2021-03-12 Can a Vegan Diet Be Healthy? A Literature Review
2021-03-06 Paying a Corporation
2021-03-02 Paying for Sex
2021-02-26 Paying for a Service
2021-02-20 Recent Recordings of Sibelius's Symphony No. 1
2021-02-13 Auderico
2021-02-06 Four Ways of Not Writing Software Bugs
2021-01-30 Two Inadequate Arguments against Moral Vegetarianism
2021-01-23 A Contradiction at the Heart of Stallman's Free Software Argument
2021-01-16 Good Works by Lesser-Known Composers
2021-01-10 Permanent Suspension of Reason
2021-01-09 Tolstoy in Ryazan
2021-01-02 Evolution of Programming Language Traits
2020-12-26 Two Accounts of the Armenian Genocide
2020-12-18 Strictness of Logic versus Openness of Logic
2020-12-12 Did thedonald.win Turn against Fox News after the Election?
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