2021-10-23 The Devastating Power and Heartbreaking Pain of Truly Changing Minds
2021-10-16 Some Books that Have Influenced Me during the Past Decade
2021-10-09 How Impactful Is Free and Open Source Software Development?
2021-10-02 Simulations of Diversity Hiring
2021-09-25 Small Things that Bug Me in Sanderson's Otherwise Good Stormlight Archive
2021-09-18 Interview with Corentin Boissier: Romanticism, Modernism, Composition
2021-09-11 The American Style of Quotation Mark Punctuation Makes No Sense
2021-09-04 Why Does the Western Left Worry More about Local Poverty than Global Poverty?
2021-08-28 Moral Golems Assume Uncertainty
2021-08-21 Interview with Olle Häggström: Reason, COVID-19 and Academic Freedom in Sweden
2021-08-15 Utilitarianism Expressed in Julia
2021-08-11 The Literary Technique of Recapitulation
2021-08-06 Scoring My AstraZeneca Predictions
2021-07-31 My Path towards Veganism
2021-07-28 Meta Update 1
2021-07-24 It Did Not Take Matt Bruenig and Jon White Two Days to Make a Good Child Tax Credit Website
2021-07-20 Dimensions of Animal Advocacy Terminology
2021-07-16 Possible Resolutions to the Rights/Welfare Debate in Animal Advocacy
2021-07-07 Rights or Welfare for Animals?
2021-07-03 Interview with Lucia Coulter: Lead Exposure, Effective Altruism, Progress in Malawi
2021-06-26 Moral Standing Is Not Moral Agency
2021-06-19 Mysteries of the Unknown and the Unknowable
2021-06-13 Animal Testing Is Exploitative and Largely Ineffective
2021-06-05 Using Scheme to Find the Median of Two Sorted Integer Lists
2021-06-01 Hello, DIE-BRVECKE-003
2021-05-28 Everybody Is Vulnerable, Nobody Is Powerful
2021-05-22 Does It Smell like Pollocks in Here?
2021-05-15 How Can One Tell What Is Beautiful?
2021-05-08 Interview with Christine M. Korsgaard: Animal Ethics, Kantianism, Utilitarianism
2021-05-01 Reliability in the Lincoln-Petersen Method of Estimating Population Size
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