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Meta Update 3

2022-06-11 • 1 min read

You’ll have noticed that I’ve redesigned the blog somewhat. The main changes are a new (sans-serif) typeface and the replacement of the sidebar with a menu at the top. What hasn’t changed is the focus on content, the brutalism and the reliance on plain HTML and CSS. I hope it strikes the right balance between innovative art museum caption that doesn’t understand itself and free software blog of impenetrable simplicity and few readers …

It’s been a fine six months for the blog. Here are the most viewed posts published since the last meta update (that is, 4 December 2021):

  1. What Made World of Warcraft’s Environments so Compelling?
  2. How Bad Is QWERTY, Really? A Review of the Literature, such as It Is
  3. Decomposition and Problem-Solving
  4. Why Rome?
  5. How I Track My Hour Balance with a Custom org-mode Clock Table
  6. The Atemporal Franz Kafka
  7. Gradually Migrating Python Code to asyncio
  8. How I Make Dungeon Synth
  9. Does Human Purpose Have Anywhere to Retreat to?
  10. Doubts about Track Record Arguments for Utilitarianism

The first three reached the front page of Hacker News, which has the usual effect. But in importance of subject-matter, I’d put (9), (6) and (10) on top. In comprehensiveness, (2) is in a league of its own, though I think (10) is pretty tightly argued. In practical usefulness, maybe (5), (7) and (8), though it depends completely on what activities one’s engaged in.