Did thedonald.win Turn against Fox News after the Election? 12 Dec 2020

It must take a special kind of self-restraint for American liberals not to revel in the MAGA faction’s apparent mutiny against Fox News, perhaps for the same reason that the neocon mutiny against Trump was a kind of heroin for them. There’s nothing better than a divided enemy. And there’s no tranquilliser more powerful than the confirmation of those on the other side.

To drink this potent elixir you’re best off going to the source, which in the case of MAGA has to be thedonald.win. I’ll happily admit to have started checking in on the reluctant orchestra myself at intervals since Election Day. It’s all kind of fascinating and probably not a worse way of spending one’s time than watching some or another Netflix show or whatever. You can’t have spent any time there recently and not have noticed that these people hate Fox News. But when did that begin? Did it start around 11:20 p.m. on election night when Fox called Arizona? That question came up recently and I wanted to answer it quantitatively.

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Introduction 4 Dec 2020

In these great times, wherein every human on Earth can put down their deeply considered ideas and offer them, free of charge, with no thought to their career or reputation, aiming only to shoot up some added utility into the swollen groin of the species and, in so doing, gloriously trace the footsteps of our old and sadly dated heroes – wherein everybody can offer their ideas thusly to their fellow humans – in these great times, it takes a special kind of person, surely, to think they have something to add to the reserves of knowledge already mined by the writer class. But that is what I intend and will now proceed to do.

Because being in awe has served nobody. One of those hard-earned pieces of knowledge that settles as one grows older is that, no matter how superior or imposing they seem, no matter how famous or admired they are, no matter if they’re the King of Sweden or the Queen of Jamaica, no matter if they’re a pop star, a model, a scholar, an author, a doctor or even a journalist, everybody is, when it all comes down to it, no more and no less than a flabby, perspiring mammal. I think we’d all do well to dwell on that.

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